Plays. Screenplays. Copywriting. Features.

A trained journalist and copywriter with an MA in Scriptwriting, I'm now a playwright and screenwriter, and run a vibrant international networking group, Scriptwriters & Co, for people studying or working across the performing arts.

Two plays, four screenplays and six awards so far!

That doesn't mean I'm not doing commerical writing, too. I'm still happy to check and edit your words or devise brand new ones for you. Words that engage. That explain. That sell.

I work in Bath, in the south west of the UK. But does it matter? I help clients all over the world. My nearest is a hop, skip and jump away on foot; the furthest was in Australia (hello, Martin)!

Amongst other things you may throw at me - no tomatoes, ideally – I’ll write and edit scripts, concepts, campaigns, copy, stories and content for ads and features. I’m also comfortable interviewing your customers or employees before turning their responses into captivating, non-stuffy prose, or rhyming verse.

And books. Did I mention books? Fact or fiction, I’ll ensure that your novel or textbook reads like a dream, with impeccable grammar and spelling and apostrophes in all the right places and none of the wrong ones.

There's more! Would you like a warm, authoritative voice on your company’s web soundtrack, radio commercial or YouTube video? A recorded version of your book or play? An Equity member (isn’t multitasking de rigueur these days?), I create professional voiceovers for audiobooks and ads.

An early acting career was remarkably unremarkable, though I like to think this was due to lack of connections rather than lack of talent. On the plus side, I was in four episodes of Doctor Who, where I spent most of my time chanting in a blue-haired girl gang. It still excites people.

Peripheral stuff? I’ve published a contentious and salacious novel under a pseudonym and edited non-fiction books for other people. Plus I write short and longform blank and rhyming verse in strict metre, for which I’ve won several poetry competitions, various trophies, a bit of cash and six international flights. Whoop whoop!

Whether you need a scriptwriter, screenwriter, copywriter, editor or performer – and whatever your industry or location – you'll find me unpretentious, straight-talking and confident about tackling the most daunting creative challenges. That's how I won the prestigious FSB/Business Link award for Best Small Business in the South West, and was a finalist in the 2018 and 2020 Creative Bath Awards.

What makes me tick? Writing words that sing while engaging and entertaining readers or audiences. Making sure messages are targeted, pack a punch and make people buy. Editing or ghostwriting to make clunky prose flow smoothly. And recording using various accents while pretending I'm Judi Dench.

If you need convincing, please download samples of my copywriting and feature writing work.

Costs? Hmmm. Depends on how enticing the job is and how hungry I am. Ask me!