It’s not what you write, it’s the way that you write it

I started adapting books into plays at eight years old and, after university (BA Hons: Theology and Philosophy), worked as an actor/writer, often devising scripts as well as performing.

Then I did a stint of playwriting at the Tricycle Theatre in London, tutored by award-winning playwright Bonnie Greer.

Now I’m working towards a Master's in Scriptwriting for films, TV, stage and radio at Bath Spa University, so if you want me to write a bespoke script for you, you'll be in safe hands. I also set up a networking group, Scriptwriters Bath & Co, in early 2020, to unite writers and affiliates across the performing arts.

In the last year I’ve penned a witty yet tear-jerking full-length tragicomedy for the stage, two short film scripts and a stylish psychological thriller that's already won three awards at international film festivals. It's nasty, in a good way.

Why not let me create a beautifully, crafted professional script or screenplay for your company? Alternatively, I can lick your own script into shape. And if you're a producer or director, I'd love to talk with a view to collaborating. My agent is Joan Lane at Wild Thyme Productions Ltd.

Plays include:

CAGED BIRD (a partly immersive, gender-neutral full-length play for 6-10 actors longlisted in the BBC Writers Room Drama category and Papatago contest, both 2019): a morally upright middle aged woman unexpectedly finds herself online dating after her husband develops MS.

SHORT AND CURLIES (15-minute play based on a real experience): auditioning actresses allow themselves to be sexually assaulted in plain sight to prove themselves to a male director.

Screenplays include:

VOYEUSE (TV serial or feature - psychological relationship drama): After a vulnerable teenage girl falls for a beautiful but narcissistic movie director, she finds herself the unwitting star of an intimate film that incriminates her… for murder. Won Best Pilot Screenwriting category at the Olympus Film Festival in LA in 2019, Best TV Series Pilot Screenplay at the Amsterdam New Renaissance Film Festival in 2020, and was a finalist in the Hollywood Just For Shorts and Out Of The Can International Film festivals.

ONLY THOU (short - a gentle examination of memories and grief): An elderly man reminisces with his wife about their relationship through the decades, and the promise that she broke.

HOOKED (short - a relationship comedy with a twist): An attractive couple chat in bed after sex, while the older woman in the downstairs flat eavesdrops.