Punchy writing. Flawless grammar. Business acumen. Decent voice. Enough said?

After graduating I worked as an actor, appearing in televised dramas, corporate videos, Theatre in Education tours and, most notably, Doctor Who with Bonnie and Sylvester.

It didn't pay the bills. My copywriting career began in 1990 at B2B agency Anderson and Lembke, creating ads, posters, DM, brochures and radio and TV scripts. Those were the days of big marketing spends and long, boozy lunches with clients. Marvellous, until redundancy. Remember that recession?

They did me a favour. I freelanced for agencies including McCanns and JWT, writing for companies from British Gas, Orange and Diageo to Carphone Warehouse, Esso and HSBC. I penned award-winning websites for BT, Mars, Tesco and Comet. I travelled the world three times!

In 2004, I moved to Bath and set up The Advertising Shop, a tiny but award-winning ad agency on Walcot Street. Clients included Jennifer Newman Furniture; Westgate IT; Sturland Building; David Fairclough Cosmetic Dentistry; Alice Park Nursery; Rossiters; and the Royal United Hospital, for whom I devised the Space to Grow concept. We also worked on a pan-European campaign for Olympus cameras.

However, the novelty of wearing too many hats wore off and in 2013 I agreed to write and edit a glossy magazine called Four Bath. It reminded me what I love best: reading and writing. It seemed a shame not to do both. So here I am, creating words at work that work. And work hard.

What makes me tick? Writing words that sing while engaging and entertaining readers. Making sure clients’ messages are targeted, pack a punch and make customers buy. Editing or ghostwriting to make clunky prose flow smoothly. And recording using various accents while pretending I'm Judi Dench.